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Example menus

Do you want to customize your own menu?

Below are examples – every wedding is unique and we are therefore happy to create a menu together with the happy couple!

Same Same – Buffet


Spicy tempeh nuggets (warm)
Oriental cauliflower with peanut dressing
Broccoli hoisin with toasted sesame seeds
Ginger and mirin pickled radish
Som Tam Thai – Green papaya salad
Dim sum with dip at Ketjap Benteng Manis
Vegan sashimi salad with fried lotus root
Ramen noodle salad with pak choi and green beans

265 kr

Framtidsplaner – Cocktail buffet

Fresh spring roll with pickled carrot, glass noodles, soy cabbage, mint and salad
Fresh spring roll with tofu, mint, coriander, wasabi, sesame seeds and leaf lettuce
Dumplings with prawns, mung bean sprouts and ginger
Sweet soy-glazed rainbow trout with ginger emulsion and chili-roasted sesame
Charchu sliders with sesame slaw and plum sauce
Salad on rice noodles, pak choi, chili, sesame-fried mushrooms and coriander


295 kr

Buffet Westers

Double-marinated beef fillet with pickled chanterelles
Air-dried Parma ham with galia melon and Kalamata olives
Smoked salmon rolls filled with cream cheese, horseradish and chives
Seafood salad with prawns, crayfish and green asparagus
Egg half with roe and red onion
Pie with Västerbotten cheese and trout roe sauce (warm)
Salad on fresh beetroot and chèvre cheese
Brie de Meaux and Comté with grapes and biscuits
Freshly baked sourdough bread and butter

455 kr

Exempelmeny – Trerätters

Beef fillet with fermented roots and raspberry pepper mayo
Baked cod with mussels, tomato, olives and parsley (warm)
Key lime pie with candied coconut and dried lime

585 kr

Example – Three-course menu

Westers Toast Skagen with trout roe, dill and lemon
Filet mignon with red wine sauce, bacon-fried haricots verts, celeriac cream and confit potatoes (warm)
Chocolate fudge on the brownie base with fresh berries, raspberry sauce and baked white chocolate

695 kr


The minimum order for catering from Westers is 10 people of each dish/menu and we need to have your final order no later than five (5) working days before the delivery date. Contact us if you have requests for a special diet due to allergies or otherwise and we will offer alternative dishes.

Listed prices are pick up pricing. Our drivers can deliver your order to the desired address for a fee. The goods are automatically picked up the next weekday during your opening hours. All prices are exclusive of VAT (12%).

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