Food on the Wall

An innovative guest experience where buffets gets a whole new meaning!



Soft-baked flank steak with plum and balsamic vinegar
Cajun crayfish on avocado mash
Caesar sliders with chicken, bacon and romaine lettuce
Seaside shrimp cocktail with hot tomato juice and bread crouton
Roasted sweet potatoes and corn salad
Spicy tuna sandwich with pickled onions and capers

360 kr


Beef fillet with roe and horseradish
Roasted parsley root with pumpkin seed pesto
Pike-perch, homemade mayonnaise and pickled red onion
Sooted cold-smoked salmon with a spiced cheese cream and pickled cauliflower
Potato cream with whitefish roe, dill and chives
Pumpkin crème with celeriac, black cabbage and lemon

390 kr


Tartelette with pine cone jam, cooked silver onion, aged cheese cream and cabbage
Spoon of roe with lemon cream, red onion and chives
Baked beef steak with tarragon, potatoes and pickled onions
Endive with stewed pear, baked silver onion, blue cheese and vinegar-roasted onion
Lobster salad with truffle dressing

495 kr

Dessert on the wall

Chocolate brownie with organic berries
Crème brûlée on organic bourbon vanilla from Madagascar
Oat crumble with caramelized apple and vanilla
Rhubarb tartlet
Coconut mousse with mango

220 kr


The minimum order for catering from Westers is 10 people of each dish/menu and we need to have your final order no later than five (5) working days before the delivery date. Contact us if you have requests for a special diet due to allergies or otherwise and we will offer alternative dishes.

Listed prices are pick up pricing. Our drivers can deliver your order to the desired address for a fee. The goods are automatically picked up the next weekday during your opening hours. All prices are exclusive of VAT (12%).

No idea is too small – no request is too big.

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