Westers Academy

A path into working life for young adults

Westers Academy

How do you get your first job?

Westers works actively to give young people a chance for their first job – the most important of all jobs.

In 2014, we started an initiative that has so far given around a hundred young people their first job – and a professional skill for life. The Westers Academy takes place twice a year and is a three-day professional introduction that teaches the basics of service and gastronomy for catering and events. Once the education is completed, participants get the direct opportunity to work extra at our events, under the supervision of experienced employees.

For Westers Academy participants, this is not only a step into an exciting industry, it is also the first basic training in a profession that will benefit them throughout their lives, wherever they are in the world.

Westers Academy bild på servering

For those who are passionate about service

Are you passionate about service and creating wonderful experiences for people? Then you could be perfect for Westers and our academy.

Twice a year we hold basic training in the Westers Academy, a three-day introduction to service, gastronomy and more. Below is brief information about the training:

  • Age limit: Minimum 17 years
  • The training is completely free of charge
  • We’ll provide training materials, food and work clothes during the training
  • Compensation is paid to the participants in the form of an education grant

Can’t find the education on our career page? The ad will appear once we open up for registrations.

How do I apply?

We normally open up applications 2-3 months before the training, which usually takes place in February/March and August every year. You are then invited to an interview where you can tell us more about yourself, your experiences and interests.

After this, the participants are selected and invited to the training session, where more information is provided. Applications can be sent when the advertisement for the training is out on the link below. If you have questions, you can email personal@westers.se to hear more about the academy, dates and other questions you may have.

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“It’s been a lot of fun to get out at different events. I’ve gotten to meet lots of new, nice people and we who work together always have a lot of fun at work.”

Former student Westers Academy

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