Westers buffets

Signature buffets with a wide variety of flavours



Cooked salmon fillet with cold herb sauce
Grilled, wine-marinated roast beef with pickled vegetables
Fresh potato salad with apple, dill and horseradish
Seasonal mixed salad
Freshly baked bread and butter

245 kr



Baked, fresh white cabbage in scallion oil with browned cream and sourdough bread (warm)
Frittata with variation on onions and herbs (warm)
Falafel salad tossed in grilled zucchini crumble
Roasted root vegetables with truffle mayonnaise (warm)
Crème ninon – Green pea soup with cornflower and sour cream
Butterboard with lemon levain

255 kr

Same Same


Spicy tempeh nuggets (warm)
Oriental cauliflower with peanut dressing
Broccoli Hoisin with toasted sesame seeds
Ginger and mirin-pickled radish
Som Tam Thai – Green papaya salad
Dim sum with dip at Ketjap Benteng Manis
Vegan sashimi salad with fried lotus root
Ramen noodle salad with pak choi and green beans

265 kr



Vegetarian steak with grilled artichoke (warm)
Caramelized Gotland beets with baked onion cream and roasted seeds
Purée of green peas with spring onion, roasted primrose carrot and dill-pickled radish
Green salad with roasted spring primroses and sliced ​​beets
Flatbread with hummus, baked beets, feta cheese, olive oil and roasted pine nuts
Mushroom salad with lemon and garlic vinaigrette
Freshly baked sourdough bread with eggplant puree

275 kr


Sauteed roast beef with baked onions, rosemary and watercress (warm)
Beetroot with red endive, chèvre and sun crisps
Mashed sweet potatoes with hot smoked salmon, grapefruit and green onions
Lightly smoked beef brisket with arugula salad and root vegetable crisps
Ingrid marie apple with chives, white cabbage and horseradish
Sour cream with honey, sun-dried tomato and flaked cheese from Almnäs mill
Two types of bread and cream cheese on herbs

285 kr


Citrus-flavoured mackerel and kohlrabi with nettle aioli
Purée of green peas with spring onion, roasted primrose carrot and dill-pickled radish
Smoked salmon with sweet and sour red onion chutney and chard leaves
Farmer’s salad on Swedish beans with aged cheese, raw mushrooms and apple
Spring pie with spinach, Västerbotten cheese and whipped cream
Creamy potato salad with sugar snap peas, pomegranate, lemon and parsley
Sourdough bread and butter

285 kr


Salted pig with pickled primroses and prunes (warm)
Smoked salmon with raw grated kohlrabi and dill crème
Garlic and citrus roasted turkey breast with roasted corn cream and sauteed carrots (warm)
Small shrimp cocktail with crispy lettuce, green peas and Rhode Island dressing
Seasonal salad with fried artichoke, peach and crispy air-dried Parma ham
Root gratin with thyme and black pepper (warm)
Burrata with herb-baked tomatoes, marcomandillas and pickled olives
Sourdough bread served with a roasted paprika cream

315 kr


Grilled lamb with baked aubergine puree, and lemon and herb-dressed baby spinach (warm)
Garlic-baked chicken with scallion cream and celeriac (warm)
Polenta on Grana Padano with Parma ham, fennel and rosemary mayonnaise
Flatbread with cold smoked salmon, chive cottage cheese, pickled onions and kale crisps
Asparagus salad with gremolata, pickled orange and white caprine
Potato salad with capers, red onion, Dijon mustard, sour fennel and radish
Green salad with herb feta cheese, baked primroses, grated carrot and roasted pecans
Sourdough bread with paprika and olive cream

325 kr


Crni rižot – Black risotto from Croatia with squid, mussels and prawns (warm)
Italian air-dried ham and sausage with marinated vegetables
Small Moroccan lamb skewers with couscous and parsley
La salade tunisienne
Patatas bravas with aioli and hot tomato sauce (warm)
Turkish börek with cheese and spinach
French cheeses – Chèvre, Brie de Maux and Roquefort served with figs
Sourdough bread with tzatziki and hummus

330 kr

Asiatisk Fusion

Bulgogi – Marinated entrecôte served with lettuce and rice (warm)
Satay Gai – Small Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce
Teriyaki- Sliced ​​salmon with sweet soy sauce and sesame seeds
Goi Cuon – Fresh Vietnamese spring roll with prawns, vegetables, fish sauce and coriander
Gyoza – Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings with Ponzu Sauce
Zapche – Sweet potato noodles with sticky broccoli, soybeans and fried red onion
Kimchi – Spicy fermented cabbage salad

355 kr


Lamb roast steak with baked yellow beets and garlic
Thinly sliced ​​farm veal with parsley gremolata
Night-baked loin with wild herbs and lemon (warm)
Grilled chicken thigh fillet with root vegetable tapenade
Green salad with radishes and roasted mushrooms
Roasted root vegetableswith watercress, spinach and apple cider vinegar (warm)
Organic farm cheeses with seasonal marmalade
Danish rye bread with whipped butter

365 kr


Double-marinated beef fillet with pickled chanterelles
Chili-scented pork fillet skewers with apple tzatziki
Oven-baked salmon fillet with basil coating
Dill-scented crayfish pie with Västerbotten cheese (warm)
Root gratin with herbs (warm)
Lollo rosso salad – Fresh spinach, walnuts and radishes
Three kinds of dessert cheese with grapes, fig marmalade and crackers
Freshly baked bread and butter

395 kr

Buffé Westers

Double-marinated beef fillet with pickled chanterelles
Air-dried Parma ham with Galia melon and Kalamata olives
Smoked salmon rolls filled with cream cheese, horseradish and chives
Seafood salad with prawns, crayfish and green asparagus
Egg half with roe and red onion
Pie with Västerbotten cheese and trout roe sauce (warm)
Salad on fresh beetroot and chèvre cheese
Brie de Meaux and Comté with grapes and biscuits
Freshly baked sourdough bread and butter

455 kr


The minimum order for catering from Westers is 10 people of each dish/menu and we need to have your final order no later than five (5) working days before the delivery date. Contact us if you have requests for a special diet due to allergies or otherwise and we will offer alternative dishes.

Listed prices are pick up pricing. Our drivers can deliver your order to the desired address for a fee. The goods are automatically picked up the next weekday during your opening hours. All prices are exclusive of VAT (12%).

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