Pick and choose from our canapés, the perfect opener to your event.




We recommend at least two or three varieties per guest as a welcome drink snack, but of course it is up to the occasion.


Brie de Meaux and pear marmalade (veg)
Green pea crème, truffle oil and radish (vegan)
“Skagenröra” with trout roe and dill
Roe spoon with lemon cream, red onion and chives
Cold smoked salmon, horseradish and chives
Artichoke puree, oven-dried mushrooms and pickled shallots (veg)

45 SEK/pc

Canapé Deluxe

Baked artichoke with mushroom cream, parmesan and black truffle (veg)
Crayfish and Västerbotten cheese
Smoked reindeer, horseradish and lingonberry
Hand-cut beef with egg yolk, roe and onion
Pincho with burnt manchego, fig marmalade and jamon
Duck liver pâté with cornichon and pickled mustard seeds on crispy cracker
Hashbrown with cream cheese and truffles (veg)
Polenta cake with parmesan cream, sage and black trumpet mushroom (veg)
Artichoke with mushroom cream and spruce tapioca

55 SEK/pc


The minimum order for catering from Westers is 10 people of each dish/menu and we need to have your final order no later than five (5) working days before the delivery date. Contact us if you have requests for a special diet due to allergies or otherwise and we will offer alternative dishes.

Listed prices are pick up pricing. Our drivers can deliver your order to the desired address for a fee. The goods are automatically picked up the next weekday during your opening hours. All prices are exclusive of VAT (12%).

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