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Because we care

Commitment is not an empty phrase at Westers

At Westers, we are particularly passionate about vulnerable children and young people who have not been given the conditions in life that everyone should have. Through our commitments and projects, we intend to contribute to creating a sense of belonging, appreciation and love to as many as we can!

Nasio Trust

Nasio Trust works to support smaller communities in Western Kenya to become self-sufficient. This through work in education, health & healthcare, childcare and income-generating business projects. The Nasio Trust has also given homes to orphans and their work is something Westers definitely wanted to be a part of.

“The Nasio Trust is a project we really wanted to get involved with as the next step in our CSR work. Their goal of creating communities that are self-sufficient is something we believe in and have a strong connection to with our background as entrepreneurs. Just like in previous collaboration, employees from Westers will go to the organization in question, to visit and contribute what we can on site.”

– Jesper Kask, CEO, Westers

Read more about the organization here: Nasio Trust


Another project we are passionate about is our sponsorship of Barncancerfonden. Every month we serve food at Karolinska University Hospital’s ward for children affected by cancer to help give hospitalized families a break from the tough everyday life.

Read more about the organization here: Barncancerfonden

Westers Academy

A project that makes us extra proud is our own academy – Westers Academy.

Every year we invite 15-20 young adults to a free training in our craft, where they learn the basics of serving, customer service and gastronomy and then get the opportunity to work with us at events. In this way, they not only get a way into the labor market, but also a profession for life.

“It’s been a lot of fun to get out at different events. I’ve gotten to meet lots of new, nice people and we who work together always have a lot of fun at work.”

– Tidigare elev från Westers Academy

Read more about Westers Academy.

Westers Academy bild från utbildningsdag

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