Family style buffets

Family style, a great way of sharing



Asian style

Tuna tataki with ginger, rice vinegar and green onions
Marinated entrecôte with greens (warm)
Chicken karaage with sour soy dip (warm)
Night-baked pork side with soy and sesame seeds (warm)
Sweet potato noodles with vegetables, salad bowl and tofu
Kimchi – Fermented cabbage salad
Sookju Namul – Sesame marinated bean sprouts
Oi Namul – Spicy marinated cucumber

345 kr


Patatas bravas with aioli and hot tomato sauce (warm)
Crni rižot – Black risotto from Croatia with squid, mussels and prawns (warm)
Italian air-dried ham and sausage with marinated vegetables
Small Moroccan lamb skewers with couscous and parsley (warm)
Salade tunisienne – Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, radishes, parsley and paprika
Turkish börek with sheep’s cheese and spinach
French cheeses – Chèvre, Brie de Maux and Roquefort served with figs
Sourdough bread with tzatziki and hummus

355 kr


Swedish Skagen on a spoon with trout roe
Smoked salmon with caper cream and black cabbage
Smoked sea bass with spinach, parsley and anchovies
Grilled scallop with mayonnaise and pickled vegetables
Salad on shrimp, avocado and eggs
White wine braised mussels with fennel and parsley
Roasted potatoes and lemon-baked endive in herb vinaigrette
Freshly baked bread with Västerbottencrème

370 kr


The minimum order for catering from Westers is 10 people of each dish/menu and we need to have your final order no later than five (5) working days before the delivery date. Contact us if you have requests for a special diet due to allergies or otherwise and we will offer alternative dishes.

Listed prices are pick up pricing. Our drivers can deliver your order to the desired address for a fee. The goods are automatically picked up the next weekday during your opening hours. All prices are exclusive of VAT (12%).

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