DATE: 25 november, 2022

The farm’s magical evening market


On behalf of Coffee Stain, we opened up the magical evening market of the farm, where the scent of oat-based drinks and rustic farm food filled the air at Skyddsrummet. Our staff, dressed in traditional attire, welcomed guests to an atmosphere of simplicity and charm as Coffee Stain celebrated the launch of its new game – Goatsimulator.

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About the event

The evening’s event was dedicated to celebrating the launch of the now immensely popular game ‘Goatsimulator,’ where we had the honor of recreating the farm experience for our guests. Amidst laughter and challenging games like “guess the content,” guests also explored a buffet of local delicacies among hay bales as a tribute to farm life.

On-site were two majestic goats symbolizing the very heart of farm culture, and the atmosphere was exactly what our client and guests had requested – an evening of simple joy and camaraderie, celebrating the best of country life.

Kundens omdöme:

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Namn Namnsson Titel, Företag

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