DATE: 16 november, 2023

A festive collaboration with Svedea


At the sight of the radiant Globe on the horizon, expectations came to life among the 220 guests who gathered for a memorable evening at Slaktkyrkan in Stockholm. Svedea celebrated their 7th consecutive year of winning the award for Sweden’s most satisfied customers, making it not just an ordinary event but a tribute to all Svedea employees for their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, year after year.

The venue, with its unique character, was ready to welcome guests to a celebration inspired by the joy and camaraderie of festivals. We at Westers were tasked with enhancing the evening with top-notch service and catering.

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About the event

During the early evening, as guests arrived one by one, they were welcomed with bubbles and music that filled the air with energy and anticipation. The performance group Manne Maniacs, with their presence on stage, brought out smiles and created a lively atmosphere.

After a hearty welcome, Slaktkyrkan transformed into a culinary oasis. Amidst laughter and conversation, delicious dishes were served, while Manne Maniacs continued to entertain with their music. Magician Caroline Ravn took over the stage with her illusions and tricks that captivated the audience.

This evening was more than just an event; it was a journey through creativity, entertainment, and camaraderie where celebration took center stage! Together with Svedea and Orangutang Event, we created a sense of pride in being employed at Svedea.

Kundens omdöme:

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Namn Namnsson Titel, Företag

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