DATE: 11 november, 2023

Birthday Party with 100 Vikings


At Westers, we excel at creating memorable moments, and one Saturday in November 2023, we traveled back in time as we organized a birthday party alongside not only the guest of honor but also 100 Vikings.

We are passionate about crafting memorable moments, and this time was truly extraordinary. With exciting activities and an authentic atmosphere, we truly experienced the Viking Age up close.

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About the event

By opening our time portals, we plunged into the adventures of the Viking Age and hosted an amazing evening for all involved. Visual reminders of the Viking era surrounded us, and our 100 Vikings filled the venue with a sense of authenticity and camaraderie.

The evening’s dinner was a tribute to rustic gastronomy and rural generosity. A whole roasted pig simmered over a flaming spit grill outdoors, surrounded by the aroma of roasted root vegetables and smoked sausages.

The drinks flowed abundantly and were as varied as they were enjoyable. From the sweet warmth of mead to the sparkling elegance of champagne. After a dinner at long tables, the curtains to the cavern were opened, where the French Viking band Eihwar provided revelry and dance. An unforgettable evening where food, drink, music, and company came together to create memories that would be carried far beyond the empty tables and departing guests.

Kundens omdöme:

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Namn Namnsson Titel, Företag

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